Monday, July 24, 2017

#RIPChester - The late post of Linkin Park Living Things tour in Malaysia 2013

At first when my friend tagged me on Facebook update about LP coming to Malaysia for a world tour, I was like "Huhwaitwhut? Is that even possible?" I mean like...will the government allow them to come etc etc?
Turns out it was REAL! And I goes wtfomggggg!!!!! Linkin Park is coming to Malaysia!

It was a usual Friday morning when I woke up by the ringtone of my phone. Until I started to realised all of the notifications were not from work, but from all the news about the death of Linkin Park's lead singer, Chester Bennington, at the age of 41-years old. Of course I did not fall for it at first, there were so many fake news often spread by the haters or hidden keyboard warriors on the Internet. Until when I looked up my Facebook seeing the news everywhere... this can't be true. 

I have no words. How can this be happening? On a usual Friday morning? There wasn't even any sort sign or symptoms to this, and now he is gone?! My Friday morning immediately turns gloomy, but I still have to concealed my sadness and get freshen up for a group meeting. While I was driving in the car, the news was all over every radio station that I tuned into, be it in Chinese or English.

It was also my first time hearing LP songs played so frequently on local radio station.