Monday, February 19, 2018

CNY 2018 #ootd

Chinese new year 2018 is finally here!

Aside from collecting the red packets, another thing I very much look forward to every year, like everyone else, is SHOPPING FOR NEW CLOTHES!!!

I used to planned my outfit accordingly and make sure to get each of the items before the cny festive season begin. As I often purchase all of them from oversea, my greatest nightmare is when the package is stuck in the middle of delivery and could not reach me in time. Which there will be NO NEW CLOTHES FOR ME TO WEAR ON CNY?! 

Unfortunately this year, due to financial issues, I am not buying too many items for cny. Also, I realized that I am not "young" anymore to spend so much on not-so-necessary stuff. Time to grow up and face the reality by spending on something that is more important (sad but true). 

Chinese new year - Day #1 outfit

The boots was my all time favorite! I did not regret for a second getting it! It was really comfortable to wear and matches many other clothes in my wardrobe. Glad that I decided to wait for the restock although it took a while to shipped out. 

Pavilion shopping mall is having some really insta-worthy cny decoration this year. I am really love this photo taken by my talented photography, my younger sister for getting that perfect angle <3

Another thing I am really glad is that I managed to fit into that skirt as it is a slim-cut design! (lol) Must continue to have greater self-control so that I can loss more weight (well hopefully)! 

Chinese new year - Day #2 outfit

While most of the country in the world is enjoying a freezing cold weather, the temperature in Malaysia can go up to 31°C or even higher during cny. I tried to make sure that my outfits are hot-weather-friendly or else I will be sweating like hell visiting my friends and relatives from one house to another. 

I have been wanting to get a black x red strip shirt for the longest time so I bought it during an online sale. However, I did not expected the material of the shirt to be made for cold weather. Hence, I choose to wore it to place where I can get sufficient cool air to avoid getting a heat stroke. 

Chinese new year - Day #4 outfit

A much more simple and elegant(?) look compare to the previous both. 
After realizing there was too many black in my shopping cart, I decided to get other colors like white. I'll always make sure to have at least red or pink items in my cny outfit even though I usually preferred wearing outfit with darker tone. 

I will be uploading my Lolita outfit for cny soon in my next blog post. Stay tuned :)

- End

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