Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day surprise

I wasn't expecting anything for Valentine's Day (no joke okay), since my bf was not in town and I have to work on that day. So we both agreed to make up to it in March when we are in Japan.

I am really grateful for this little surprise and the effort from him <3 He even requested the florist to change the packaging according to my favorite color (how sweet!) It was really beautiful and I love it so much! 

So on the actual day, I just had lunch with my colleagues and we decided to go separately since we still have some time and I got some stuff to settle. While I was on my way back to the office, I received a call from an unknown number. The person from the phone mentioned that there's a package for me, which instantly I feel kinda odd as I was not expecting any delivery. 

And from that moment, I know what was coming lol. (I'm sorry!)
But I really do appreciate this sweet gesture on a special day. Especially when he's going through hardship right now and still, never forget to make this day a little special for me. 

Looking forward for the "actual" celebration next month <3 

- End

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