Sunday, March 4, 2018

Chinese New Year Lolita Brunch at Shang Palace

Ever since I became jobless, I can finally have more time for myself! (well, obviously) More times for dressing up, meeting friends, attending tea parties as well as to do other stuff. When I first saw the announcement of CNY Lolita Brunch in MLC page, I'm not sure whether if I should go because I do not have any outfit that is CNY related. But this might be my last Lolita tea party in Malaysia before I fly off to Japan, so I thought I should attend and meet everyone before I leave.

Somehow, I managed to "convinced" the evil twins' sister, Noelle to join in the fun with me. And because I ran out of outfit ideas (majority of my lolita items are in darker tones), and I coincidentally bought two Angelic Pretty Cameo Window Special Set in a different colorway, I ended up just being lazy and decided on a twin coordination lol.

Our Cameo Window twin coordination for the day!

The tea party was held at Shang Palace, Shangri-la Hotel Malaysia, an extremely "atas" place for a jobless people like me. To make sure that we will go over-budget, me and Noelle already decided what to order while on our way to the venue.

Here are some of the food that we ordered. 

Pan-fried Cantonese radish cake or a.k.a Lo Bak Gou
It was the first dish that served to us when we arrived. Never had such delicious Lo Bak Gou ever in my life... or maybe I'm just too hungry.

Steamed flour rolls with minced barbecued chicken and Chinese parsley. In short, Cha Siu Cheung Fan)

My favorite of the day, Nai Wong Lao Sa Bao, or Steamed salted egg custard cream buns.

Nor Mai Gai - Steamed glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom.
We ended up super full after finished up this one. 

We regret ordered these Char Siu Bao.Not because of the taste, but we were too full and unable to finish it. 

Looking back at all the food photos right now makes me even more hungry.
After the meal, we hang around the outside area of the restaurant and did some mini photo shoot while we are there.

Enjoying all the good natural lighting from the sunlight.
When AP first released Cameo Window, many people went for the wine colorway (which is the one Noelle is wearing). For me, even though I do like it in wine colorway, but I still think the ivory version is the best. 
Credits to Noelle for the photo <3

Also some photos we took with other Lolitas who attended ~

Photo credits to Wong Shi Wei (and a candid Noelle) :)

With Zean Ying and her 嫦娥 coordination <3

With both the 'long-time-no-see' Emily and Najwa <3 Really glad to see them again after so many years! (I can't remember how long ago)

With Xyana, Reiki and Aiko (thanks for organizing!)

Group photo with all the attendees of the day.
Photo credits to Malaysia Lolita Club (MLC). 

After the tea party, me and Noelle went for 'second-round' by hanging around Pavilion shopping mall and 'taking advantages' of the beautiful interior decoration.

My favorite spot in the mall because it has the best lighting :D

Thanks for being my "twin" of the day! (Despite having a real twin at home :D)

We end the day by indulging ourselves with some delicious cakes and patisseries from Maison Cafe, Pavilion.

It's ironic because there is a big screen at the side of the cafe that is from Victoria Secret, playing videos of all the slim and beautiful 'angels' walking on the runway. While we were there seating and eating all the good-looking-delicious cakes and chocolate. But that does not stop us from eating more because cake > nice body. xD
We are so doomed.

It was overall great to be able to meet up with the Malaysia Lolita community again before I fly off to Japan. Although I am all excited to attend tea party in Japan as well, I hope I can be back soon to catch up with the Malaysia Lolita community again. :)

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