Monday, April 30, 2018

Aipaku 2018 - Ice Cream World Expo at Ginza Mizukoshi

It's soon going to be summer in Japan!
Although I'm not really looking forward to the summer season, the Japanese people are generally excited about it. As of now, the temperature in Tokyo is not as extreme as in Malaysia. We still get around 16°C ~ 17°C here sometimes at night.

On the first day of Golden Week in Japan, me and two of my housemates from Hong Kong went to the Ice-Cream Expo 'Aipaku Tokyo 2018' at Ginza Mitsukoshi.

The expo gathered more than 100 kinds of nationwide local and special limited ice-creams. It's definitely a must-go event for ice-cream lovers.

There were so many of the ice-creams that we wanted to try! We even thought of "tapau" a few back to enjoy it over a movie. But sadly, even though the ice-creams are nice but we can't fit everything into one stomach :'(

After looking at the event flyers, we decide to go for the Nagasaki Kasutera Raw Soft-Served Ice Cream from New York Do, an ice cream that will make you drool just by looking at its image.
Due to its popularity, the queue was crazy long when we were there. However, a big salute to the Japanese queuing system, we only waited around 10 minutes in the queue.

This is what we called, a taste of heaven! Definitely worth every penny spent.
After finishing our first ice-cream, we went hunting for another one...

and we just can't say no to this beauty~!

Kikyoya Shingen Soft-Served Ice Cream is the expo's all-time favorite. It won the gold medal of Aipaku Award 2016 and has fans from around the country. Featuring the authentic 'Made in Japan' matcha soft-served ice cream which is also complementary to its 'Shingen mochi', topped with generous amount of flavorful soybean powder and rich black sugar for the perfect indulgence.

After our second ice cream of the day, we were really full and our wallets are "bleeding" (the sad part about living in Tokyo especially if you are a poor cheapo like me). Hence, we went back to Ikebukuro for girl's all-time favorite activity in Japan, Purikura aka photo booth!

The first machine that we pick was Salonair2 because me and my boyfriend tried it and I really like the effects, it was all pastel and dreamy. Although this is our first outing and purikura together, we really get along well and I'm glad that everyone does not feel awkward or something.

Here are some really nice ones from Salonair2.


...and we decided to take another one because the first one really turned out better than we expected. We picked this machine called Mimiy by Sugar Forever (wtf name) because it has no queue lol. (Usually, purikura shops located in the main city area are full of youngsters, foreigners, and couples especially on a weekend.)

We instantly regretted our decision.
I would say, the quality of the machine is not as good as the first one that we tried? Another point is that the timer was too fast! We did not even get to pose properly so we ended up with some really bad photos.

The outcome was very no-eye-see! We had a long laugh after that.

After gotten grocer at some nearby grocery store, they brought me to one of their favorite Japanese BBQ restaurant nearby.

This Japanese BBQ restaurant has outlets all around the cities area of Japan (There are like 3 or 4 outlets in Ikebukuro alone O_O)
We didn't order too much as we try to keep the bill within our budget. I'm really interested to try their buffet style next time if I have the chance.

Overall, I am really happy that I get to hang out will all two of them. It was a really fun outing with lots of laughter. Hope we get to do this next time around! :)

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